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Mattress Disposal Scottsdale Arizona

Are you resisting from purchasing a new mattress just because you are not sure of what you can do with your old one? Is your mattress infested with bugs and mites and you want to get rid of it? If yes, then call us – Scottsdale Junk Removal. We provide the best services in Mattress Disposal Scottsdale Arizona.

Mattresses are very important as they give you the best good night sleep. However, if your existing mattress is not comfortable anymore and you need a new one, then you may now go and purchase a new one for yourself without worrying about the old one as we are here to take care of it.

We provide you the safest, eco-friendly and efficient services in disposing of the used and old mattresses. Now you may wonder how mattress disposal Scottsdale Arizona can be eco-friendly. The answer to this is very simple; mattresses can be easily recycled and used to make valuable items. Thus by disposing unwanted mattress from your place, you are actually benefiting the environment.


How do our Mattress Disposal Scottsdale Arizona services exactly work?


  • Once you have made up your mind of disposing of the mattress, just call us or login to our website. Our executives will be at your doorsteps in the next available time.
  • Wherever your mattress may be – upstairs bedroom, attics, basements, etc, we would remove the mattress for you without damaging your other house properties.
  • If in case your mattresses are infested with bed bugs you would need to inform about this to the executives so that they can take the required action.
  • These mattresses are then dumped by the executives to respective places (recycling and disposal).


The pricing offered by us are upfront and affordable. Hence, why bare the pains of keeping that bulky mattress at your home when you can easily dispose them? Call us today and be sure to have a sound sleep henceforth.