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Garage Cleanout – 4 Tips to Getting Rid of Garage Junk Efficiently

The word garage is probably is a synonym for a storeroom for some people. Have an old bicycle that’s not in use anymore? Dump it in the garage. Have a new shoe stand for your home? Store the old one in the garage. Has the couch gotten too worn out? Make room for it in the garage. It’s a common practice in nearly all households to not get rid of their old stuff on time, thinking they might need it sometime in the future – a future that never comes.

If you’re freaking out with the amount of junk in your garage and want to get rid of it all, worry not. You can either hire a professional junk removal company for the job or follow the simple tips that we have listed below to do the job yourself. However, keep in mind that DIY garage cleanout might take days, whereas hiring a professional junk removal company will get the job done in no time.

1. Empty and Sort

The first thing to do when you’re on a garage cleanup mission is to empty the garage entirely, leaving nothing behind. Once everything is out, sort your junk in three piles; keep, toss, and donate/ recycle. This process is extremely time-consuming. Hiring a professional junk removal company will make it a lot more convenient.

2. Clean

The junk in the garage makes routinely cleaning a challenge. Now that your garage is empty, use it as an opportunity to clean it thoroughly before moving the items in the ‘keep’ and ‘recycle/ donate’ list back in. Hiring a professional junk removal company gives you the edge here too. They will not only get rid of the junk but also clean the garage for you.

3. Organize

The next thing you should do is arrange the items in the ‘keep’ list in an orderly fashion. You might want to invest in some organizers or shelves that will help you arrange everything in an orderly and organized fashion. Keeping similar items together will make the retrieval of items when they’re needed hassle-free

4. Arrange for Proper Junk Disposal

After you’re done with garage cleanout, you will have a lot of junk at hand to dispose of. You can’t just throw it all away anywhere you like. The junk has to be disposed of properly. A professional junk removal company can be a great help. They know what type of junk needs to be disposed of where and what type of junk can be recycled.


Garage cleanout is nothing less than a daunting task that takes a lot of time, effort, and hard work. However, hiring a professional junk removal company will get the job done in a breeze!