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How to Keep Your Pets from Destroying Your Furniture

Not all kinds of furniture will work with pets.

Pets are finicky creatures. House cats will scratch and damage your couches, cushions and rugs if they are in a feisty mood. Dogs can get overly aggressive during playtime and rip up pillows or leave gouge marks all over your precious divan.

Not just rough playtime, but pets also have a tendency to shed a lot. Huge clumps of hair can be left on beautiful looking furniture, making it appear dowdy and worn out.

How can you ensure your furniture stays protected from damage by pets?

Invest in Pet-Friendly Fabrics


Okay, leather may not be the best option if your pets are aggressive. However, the good news is that scratch marks actually enhance the look of leather furniture. Leather is also a good fabric option for people with pets because it doesn’t let hair or fur stick to its surface. It is also easier to vacuum dust and pet hair from leather furniture.  And if you opt for darker colors in leather furniture, most stains won’t be visible either.


As a fabric, microfiber is a better option than leather for furniture as it is cheaper and doesn’t scratch easily. Your pets won’t get their claws or hairs stuck in microfiber and damage it. It is also easy to remove pet hair from microfiber using a lint brush or cotton cloth.


No matter how playful your cat or dog is, denim is a fabric resilient to those pesky claws and paws. It definitely will not scratch easily. As denim is made of tight weaves, it is also convenient to wash or vacuum away pet hair from its surface.


Canvas is a versatile fabric and very resistant to damage. Sure canvas furniture may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it can easily add a modern edge to any room. Canvas slipcovers can also be removed and washed easily and often once they get dirty.

Stay Away From the Worst Fabrics for Pets


Silk furniture in a home with pets is a huge no-no. It is expensive, fragile, difficult to clean and prone to even the smallest bit of damage. There is no way your gorgeous silk piece will survive even the most docile of pets. Silk furniture is high maintenance and probably best kept in a room your pet will not have access to.


If tweed sustains damage, it will still look pretty good. The slight fuzziness might even add to the texture of the fabric. However, it is notoriously difficult to remove pet hair from tweed furniture due to its loose weaves.


Pets love velvet. They love curling up on velvet couches or running around on velvet furniture. All that jumping around will really not help in prolonging the life of your furniture pieces. Also, if pets leave any stains on velvet, those stains will be there for life.

So what do you if your pet has already damaged your furniture? Get furniture removers to pick up your damaged couch and go buy one that stand up damage from your furry friends.


Have your pets destroyed your old furniture? Hire a junk removal service to get rid of it for you safely. Next time choose leather, microfiber, denim or canvas fabric furniture for your home.