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Summer Cleaning and Reducing Clutter: A Guide on Clean Outs

When summer comes around, you are probably too preoccupied with meeting friends and family or travelling to do much of anything. However, summer cleaning and reducing clutter can be a refreshing start to the season. If you aren’t bogged down with clutter all the time, you will be able to take on the summer months head-on!

Here are a few tips to help you through the clean out process:

Pick an Organizing Style

It is vital to have some kind of plan of action when it comes to organizing your home. There are different styles to reduce clutter in the home. For example, the marathoner plan centers around taking on different projects of cleaning on the same day. A whole day can be spent doing all the cleaning you want done. It is perfect for people who require deep cleaning and have an organized home already.

Sprinter cleaning is good for people who want to organize the home in shorter segments instead of one long day. You can take out half an hour or an hour for such tasks.

Tackle the Most Frustrating Room First  

Tackling the most frustrating space will also give you the most satisfaction when it comes to cleanups. If you only have a little bit of time, you can make a lot of progress going for that room first. The most important places in terms of cleaning are the kitchen and living room where people eat and lounge the most. The bathrooms and bedrooms are next, with the least visited rooms being the office, garage, laundry rooms, basement, or storage spaces.

Put Limits on Things

You should put a cap on the number of things you have. For example, you have decided you only need 10 pairs of socks in your life. If you end up buying two new pairs, just donate or throw out two old pairs immediately. You can keep a specific number of hangers in your closet to make sure that you aren’t overstuffing the closet too.

Focus on the Closet

The closet is definitely one of the biggest sources of frustration when it comes to clutter and the need for cleanups. The closet is where you can really start coming up with creative solutions and develop a suitable organizing strategy. You can divide the space according to categories, colors, or what you wear more. There are different organizing tools and items that also help a lot with closet cleanouts.

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