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Tips To Control Clutter and Stop Hoarding

Tidying up a home takes a lot of effort, but that holds for people who aren’t hoarders or compulsive clutter-ers because if a person has hoarding tendencies, cleaning entails a lot more for them than just efforts; it takes immense willpower. While tremendously challenging, it’s essential that a hoarder goes against their mind and fights the urge to stock things needlessly. It may seem undoable or a task that requires professional help. Having support from an expert can certainly make matters easier for someone who hoards compulsively but overcoming the urge to stash items without help is possible if the person is determined to do so. Because at the end of the day, a hoarder is the one who needs to take action; no one else can do that for them. That said, having a few tips up your sleeves to keep clutter from piling up wouldn’t hurt.

Here are a few essential hacks that will keep you on track and prevent you from stockpiling items.

Don’t Think Just Toss

When you feel the itch to keep an object instead of getting rid of it, don’t think too much and JUST toss it. Don’t give your mind the window to manipulate you and control your actions. But what if you end up throwing out something important? That’s a valid concern, but don’t worry because we have just the trick to save you from getting rid of salvageable stuff.

When you look at an object, the first thought you’ll have will most likely be neutral and not influenced by your hoarding-loving mind. So, for instance, if the first thing that comes to your mind is ‘I probably never use it again’ hold on to that before your brain starts to take over.

Simply put, don’t overthink and toss!

Start With A Family Room.

Deciding whether to keep an object or not can sometimes seem too much of a task to handle alone for a hoarder. When that seems to be the case, the best thing you can do is avoid trying to decide on your own. Go to a common area in your home and have your family members pitch in so that you do not go awry and end up stashing unnecessary things.

And if you already have clutter and plan on clearing it out, do so as a family. Assign a spot (or a box that needs sorting) to everyone and work together to declutter your home.

Consider Donating

One fail-safe way to stop yourself from hoarding is thinking about those less privileged. Doing so will help you get rid of stuff because you could tell yourself that you are working for a good cause. With that said, be sure the items you choose to donate are in decent condition and not completely worn out.

A Quick Recap

  • Don’t give your mind the chance to influence you and throw away junk.
  • Ask your family to work with you.
  • Tell yourself that you’re helping others by donating your belongings.

If you go by our tips, the chances are you’ll not accumulate piles of unnecessary junk. But if you do somehow end up having a collection of things not in use, hire reliable professionals to help you get rid of it.