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What Factors Contribute To The Cost Of Professional Junk Removal

Most people have a habit of letting the junk build up over months and years. Instead of disposing of what they no more need, they let it sit in their garage or the backyard, hoping to bring it into use sometime in the future – which by the way never comes. What does come to the surface is the need to get rid of the piles of accumulated junk.

While hiring a professional junk removal company is the most convenient way of getting rid of all the junk in a single go, people are reluctant to spend money on junk removal services. They think that hiring professionals for the task is merely a waste of valuable money. The truth is, the cost that goes in professional junk removal doesn’t just involve a team coming over to pick the junk up and throwing it somewhere. Numerous factors make up the cost of professional junk removal. Let’s have a look at what these factors are.

1. Type of Junk

While all the junk in your backyard is junk, junk removal companies charge their customers based on the type of junk there is. Not all junk is the same. Some items might be heavier than others, while other items may be dangerous to handle. Some items can be picked by hand, while others might need special lifters to move them.

The company will use the information about the type of junk to decide how much labor will be needed, what tools the job will need, and how many trips the vehicle will have to make to get rid of all the junk. You’ll be charged more if there are too many heavy-weight items or dangerous items in the pile as compared to the junk that consists of basic junk only.

2. Amount of Junk

Of course, the more the junk is, the higher you will be charged. Some junk removal companies charge per cubic meter of junk while others charge per truck that will be loaded with the junk. Whether the junk comprises of large items or smaller ones, you will be charged according to the standard the junk removal company follows.

3. Amount of Time It Takes to Clear the Area

Another important factor that accounts for the cost that professional junk removal companies ask for is the amount of time they spend on site. You’ll see that most companies charge per hour. The longer it takes them to clear the area, the more they charge their customers. A company might have to spend several hours to get rid of all the junk if the area covered is huge or the amount of junk is too much. Whatever the case may be, the more hours a company spends on-site, the more will be the cost that you’ll be entitled to pay.

4. Type of Truck

It might take only one small truck to move all the junk from your site or take several trucks to do the job in the least time. You’ll be charged depending on the type of truck that a company provides for the job. Bigger trucks come with greater fuel and maintenance costs as compared to smaller ones.


The next time you raise concern over the amount of money a professional junk removal company asks for, make sure you don’t forget the numerous factors that make up the final cost. A reliable junk removal company will be transparent with their costs, and that will be clearly reflected in their invoice.