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4 Steps of Making Spring Cleaning More Effective

Spring cleaning has now become more of a metaphor than something which used to hold religious or cultural significance. Yes, a lot of people still prefer to do this once in a year thorough cleaning in spring because of various reasons, you can still do it at a time which is suitable for you.

The major logic apart from the religious and cultural significance is that in winters, the days are shorter and lesser sunlight makes you lazier and sleepier. Hence, once that time of the year ends, you finally have the energy of doing excessive cleaning and have a fresh start. While this may stand true for most states, in a state like Arizona where it is mostly sunny, we all can agree that spring cleaning can be done at our own time!

While tips for making the process easier and more manageable can be different depending on the type of house and the kind of system you have, we are here to provide you with four steps that you can follow while the process takes place. This will not only make the whole thing easier by having an effective spring cleaning but will also provide you with satisfaction and peace of mind towards the end. Go through these steps and see for yourself how that works out!

Step 1: Make a List

Sound a bit obvious, doesn’t it? While you may think that it is the most apparent thing to do, many people find cleaning difficult because they do not have a starting point. When you make a list of everything that needs to be done you will have a clearer idea of how to go about it.

To make further use of this step, you can also list down the time limit that you want to allot for each task. By doing so, you will have small goals that will seem to be more achievable, eventually making the process go smoothly.

Step 2: Declutter

Yes, this has to be done before you start cleaning. You may feel that this is the last step which is also true but there is a reason why doing it before the actual cleaning might help. If you have the tendencies of a hoarder, you probably will have several things in your room or any other place which are useless in a pretty obvious manner.

If this is the case, decluttering before cleaning will make the process of cleaning easier and less stressful. We are not saying you spend hours sitting and deciding which things to hold back on and which need to go in cartons that read trash, donate, and junk. This step is only for more obvious things that you certainly know are unnecessary.

Step 3: Clean (Finally)

Here comes what we have all waited for (or not) but it is surely the time that you follow the list you made earlier. In doing so, you can follow any of the two methods that we have for you. Firstly, you can go to each room and only jump to the next one when the previous one is completed. If you have tried this method already and it has not been that effective, you can go by category. For example, start with clothes, then shoes, accessories, and so on.

Step 4: Junk Removal (Again)

The last step as stated earlier is also junk removal. Now that you have cleaned everything and want to have a final picture of how your home looks, you can remove any unnecessary items that you certainly did not pay attention to earlier.


Once done with all these steps, all you have to do is give us a call so that the best junk removal company in town can help ease the process for you and take care of your junk!