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5 Signs You Need to Dispose of a Mattress

A good mattress plays a critical role in offering a good night’s sleep. It also adds an aesthetic appeal to the interior of your bedroom. Having a mattress is important. But as we all know – mattresses can be expensive, and discarding the old one for the new one demands time and effort. So, when getting a new mattress, make sure you really need it. Here are some crucial signs that tell when it’s time to remove the old mattress for the new one!

1.    You Do Not Feel Well-Rested

Do you feel restless despite sleeping for seven to eight hours? Or, do you spend most of the time tossing and turning and waking up in the middle of the night? In either case, it means your mattress is the culprit. The signs of discomfort and unrest clearly indicate that your mattress needs to be changed before it causes more trouble for you.

2.    Body Aches and Back Pain

According to most researchers and chiropractors, poor mattresses can cause body aches and back pain because they prevent your body from getting aligned with the mattress. You may suffer from aches and pains after waking up from sleeping on an old or bad quality mattress. In case you wake up with a sudden ache but feel better after a while (a quick walk to the bathroom or kitchen), then it certainly means your mattress is causing physical pain and aches.

3.    Squeaky Sounds

Does your mattress make a creaky noise every time you toss or turn? In such a case, it means your mattress needs to be replaced. The reason why your mattress could be producing such a strange sound is because of loose joints. You need to check all the bolts on your bed frame to detect the source of your problem.  If you spot loose joints, you can tighten them up. But if, despite that, your bed continues to make squeaky noises, the problem lies in your mattress itself. Chances are your mattress’ metal springs have given out. In times like this, you shouldn’t delay replacing your mattress right away.

4.    Saggy Bed

If your mattress sags every time you lay down, it’s time to change your mattress.

Sagging often feels like sinking into the bed when climbing on it. One of the reasons your bed can be sagging is some part of your mattress has broken down.

5.    Causing Allergies

If you suffer from allergies every time you lay down on your mattress, it can be a sign your bedding is riddled with pests such as dust mites.

Note that dust mites tend to build up over time, so if you have been experiencing itchy skin, itchy nose, red/watery eyes, sneezing or runny nose, it’s probably because of a dust mite allergy.

In case you detect any or all of these signs, you should dispose of your mattress at your earliest. Hire Happy Junk Removal, Scottsdale, for a quick and efficient mattress disposal service!