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How to Declutter Your Garage

When you start having trouble fitting your car in the garage, there’s a good chance your garage needs cleaning and decluttering. Garages are often neglected and can accumulate years worth of unwanted junk and clutter.

Advantages of Decluttering Your Garage

Regular or seasonal garage decluttering has significant advantages:

  1. It adds spaciousness and gives you more workable space
  2. A tidy room looks pleasant to the eye
  3. Decluttering elevates the look and value of your house
  4. Having a clean room means a healthy family

How to Clean Out Your Garage

Following this step-by-step process will make your life easy and help you sort your belongings, and declutter your garage in a hassle-free way.

1. Schedule a Cleaning Day

Always fix a day well in advance and ask for help from your friends and family members, so you’re not too burned out with the grunt work. Cleaning and decluttering in a rush may cause you to hoard junk or accidentally give away something important.

2. Start from Scratch

Start the deep cleaning ritual by fully emptying the garage of all its belongings. It’ll give you a clear idea of all that’s been accumulated inside, what to keep with you, and what to throw away.

3. Label and Organize

Once you’ve removed the clutter from the garage, it’s time to sort it into sections.

  1. The things you want to keep
  2. The things you want to sell
  3. The things you want to donate
  4. The things you want to throw away

4. Call your local Junk Removal Service

The best thing about junk removal services is that you can get rid of undesired and unwanted items from your garage without doing anything. Their experts will also help with donations and recycling.

5. Clean Your Garage

When the junk is removed, and the rest of the luggage is sorted, it’s time to give the garage a good deep cleaning. Start with removing any cobwebs from the walls, sweeping the floors, dusting the cupboards, and then wash it with a regular or power wash. Let dry before putting the stuff back inside.

6. Organize Your Belongings

Now the garage is tidy and waiting for you to organize your belongings. Use storage bins, shelves, or cupboards to store and organize your gardening tools, sporting equipment, BBQ shed, out-of-season clothes, shoes, décor, or beddings. Ensure to section the garage before storing the items so it’s easier to locate them when needed.

7. Enjoy the De-cluttered Room!

It’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.


Setting a season such as spring or a month during vacations for decluttering and junk removal makes it easy to develop a cleaning pattern that would keep your garage usable all year round. If you let a junk cleaning service take care of the junk removal, you can sit back and relax while their experienced teams clear out the junk from your garage and leave it super clean afterward.