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The Importance of Safe Disposal of E-Waste

When the word ‘junk’ is mentioned, we instantly think of used furniture, old photo frames, decoration pieces, or spare cutlery sets. Naturally, all talks regarding junk removal are limited to these products only. During the ‘Spring cleanup’ season, you often consider calling the professionals to get rid of the waste. But, do you know that you are hoarding e-waste in your home?

Yes, the outdated laptops, desktop computers, video game console, and mobile phones that are lying somewhere in drawers also need to be carefully disposed of.  In a broader sense, e-waste can be defined as used or discarded electronic devices that can be reused or be meant for resale, recycling, salvage, or disposal.

All of us have had more than one electronic devices that we don’t use anymore. Also, in a technologically advanced world, even the latest products don’t remain relevant after a few months. This is why e-waste accumulates at a fast pace and it becomes increasingly difficult to properly discard all electronic devices.

In addition, the process of discarding electronic devices calls for caution and care. E-waste is a dangerous material, due to the presence of toxic metals like mercury and lead, and should only be disposed of in designated e-waste drop-off locations. Also, it is important to hire a professional junk removal company to do the needful.

What Constitutes E-Waste?

The comprehensive list of items that end up becoming e-waste cannot be drafted. Here are some of the electronic devices that come under the category of e-waste when they become outdated.

  1. Washers and dryers
  2. Kitchen appliances
  3. Computer monitors and laptops
  4. Cell phones and landline phones
  5. CD players, speakers, and stereos
  6. DVD players, VCRs, and television sets

Why Should E-Waste Be Properly Disposed Of?

The following are some of the reasons that explain why the careful disposal of e-waste is important.

1. Protect the Environment

When e-waste is dumped into undesignated places, profiteers strip them of their valuable components and dump the rest of the waste in destitute areas. This waste is also deposited in developing countries. There, people living in abject poverty works on nominal wage and pick up the trash, melting and burning them. This gives out toxic chemicals, harming the environment and making the areas uninhabitable for the locals.

2. Preserve Resources

The scarcity of natural resources is a big problem for almost everyone across the world. When e-waste is properly disposed of, companies can use working components of old devices and use it new ones. This will prevent them from carrying out mining activities to dig out raw materials for the manufacturing of new devices.

3. Ensure Compliance with the Law

In some states, you are required by the law to follow specific regulations while disposing of e-waste. If you want to avoid penalties and fines, make sure that the disposal is done in a lawful manner.


The careful disposal of e-waste calls for you to hire a professional company to carry out the work. Through this, not only your waste will end up in a safe space, but you will also be able to get rid of the unwanted devices in an efficient manner.